If you have a yearning to spread the good news of Jesus, a thirst for adventure, and the desire to become the woman or man God created you to be, then the Anchorage Summer Mission is where you belong this summer.

Join us for 2 weeks where you will…
– Experience personal growth
– Outdoor adventure
– Cross cultural ministry
– Urban ministry
– Campus movement building.
Come see if God is calling you to something bigger!

There is now a Cru student movement at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and you will come along side the Missional Team living there.   If being in the outdoors makes you come alive, then this project is for you: The rugged Alaskan wilderness will serve as the classroom in which we explore God’s creation and character. We will get to spend time in the city of Anchorage, serving the community, Live on campus and build relationships to give life to the local movement, and recreate in iconic Alaskan settings.

More of what to expect:
-Experience deeper relationship with God and others
-Gaining an eternal perspective that you can take home, or in life’s next step
-Explore the Alaskan outdoors, with local Alaskans as your guide
-Use all of your time intentionally, from the river to your small life groups

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska.  With that comes diversity and greater and greater opportunities to meet people’s needs in the name of Jesus.
Your time will focus on meeting people at the UAA campus, in the city of Anchorage, and the surrounding areas. You’ll explore the cultural landscape and have opportunities to connect people to Jesus and Christian community.


Dates:  June 17th to July 1st
Cost: $1850 (Not including airfare)